Badges at Home

We will try and work through many of the Cub badges during our evening meetings, but there are some that are more easily achieved outside of the Scout Hut.

If you want to look at the requirements for any badge then you can do so online on the Scout Association website here: Cub Badge Requirements, or by purchasing a Cub Powerpack book from the Scout Shop.

You can also check your Cub Scouts badge progress using the My.Scout facility, if you have not been mailed your login to My.Scout then please let us know by e-mailing [email protected]

Below is a list of the badges (or parts of badges) we feel the Cubs can best achieve at home.

Fitness Challenge Fitness Challenge

  • PARTS 1,2 &3: Download and complete the worksheet to help you work through the majority of the badge, if you have tried new sports outside of Scouting then please put the details in, if not then leave this part blank and we will try some new sports at Cubs.
    Download: Fitness Challenge – Worksheet


Promise Challenge Promise Challenge

  • PART 3 –  Cubs should describe an occasion they found particularly challenging and describing how they did their best.
  • PART 4 – the Cubs can write a short piece about someone who has done their best who they have found out about and researched.


Global Challenge Global Challenge

  • PART 4: Download and Complete the Recycling worksheet to complete this part.
    Download: Recycling Diary


Air Activities Activity Badge  Air Activities

  • PART 2: If you have visited an airfield, air display or air museum during their time as Cub then please let us know, any photos or memento’s you have of the day can be brought in too.


Community Challenge  &  Animal Carer Activity Badge  Animal Carer & Community Challenge 

  • Animal Carer – PART2 & Community – PART3:  Take care of a pet for a number of weeks and keep a record of what you have done, if you wish you can use the record sheet below or make your own pet diary.
    Download: Looking after my pet
  • Animal Carer PART 1: If your Cub has visited a Zoo or Wildlife park during their time as a Cub Scout then please let us know we may get them to say something briefly to the rest of the pack and if they have any photos or memento’s of their day if they could bring them in that would be great.
  • Animal Carer – PART 7:  Make a poster about Dangers in the Countryside that threaten wildlife.
  • Animal Carer – PART 6: If the Cub belongs to a Society or has adopted an animal during their time as a Cub then please bring in evidence of this into Cubs.


Book Reader Activity Badge Book Reader

  • PARTS 1,2,3 & 4: This is a good badge to entirely complete at home. The Cubs should write a list of six books that they have read recently including the name of the author. They should also write a short piece about how to care for books, how to use an encyclopedia, atlas and atlas and finally explain how library is organised into fiction and non-fiction.


Chef Activity Badge Chef

  • PART 4:  Cubs should plan and cook a 2 course meal, providing evidence of what they have done at the Cub meeting the following week, evidence can also be e-mailed to the Cub Leaders and will ask the Cub to give a quick description of what they did when the badge is presented. This should hopefully also pass parts 1,2 and 3 of the Home help badge.


Collector Activity Badge  Collectors

  • PARTS 1,2,3 & 4: Cubs are always welcome to bring in their collections of stamps, coins, rocks, etc and display them in an interesting way. They should be prepared to answer about their favourite item, the first item, how long they have been collecting and possible other questions about their collection! Hopefully they will get to see another Cubs collection to pass part 4 of the badge.


Cyclist Activity Badge Cyclist

  •  PART 4: Make a safety poster about being safe as either a pedestrian or a cyclist to complete part 4 of the Cyclist badge this will also complete part 6 of Road Safety badge.
  • ALL PARTS: Alternatively to gain the entire badge Cubs can bring in proof they passed Bikeability level 2 or 3.


DIY Activity Badge DIY

  • PART 2: If the Cubs help with any painting of walls at home using rollers and paint brushes then please take photos and either bring them in or e-mail us the photos.


Equestrian Activity Badge  Equestrian

  • This entire badge will need to be completed outside of Cubs please click on the badge image to go to the requirements badge. As soon as we convince the Scout Group to buy us a horse we might be able to do this ourselves!


Hobbies Activity Badge  Hobbies

  • Cubs can come and tell the pack about their hobby and complete the entire badge, please bring in anything to do with the hobby that can be shown to the rest of the pack. If the hobby happens to be sport based or a martial art there are separate badges for Sports Enthusiast and Martial Arts. (see below)


Home Help Activity Badge  Home Help

  • PARTS 1,2 & 3: Hopefully they will be completed whilst cooking a meal for the Chefs badge!
  • PARTS 4,5,6,7 & 8: Please download the record sheet below and witness that your Cub has completed the tasks!
    Download: Cub Scout Home Help Badge


Local Knowledge Activity Badge  Local Knowledge

  • PARTS 1,3 & 4: Can all be completed at home, please click on the badge logo above to go to the requirements page.


Martial Arts Activity Badge  Martial Arts

  • ALL PARTS: If Cubs take part in a form of Martial Arts then please tell your leader about it and bring in any equipment or certificates you may have gained during that time and we can pass them for this badge.


My Faith Activity Badge  My Faith

  • ALL PARTS: Can be completed at home and evidence brought in and discussed with a leader.


Naturalist Activity Badge  Naturalist


Physical Recreation Activity Badge   Physical Recreation

  • ALL PARTS: Perfect for Cubs that are members of sporting teams or take part in competitive sport, and can bring in their kit and explain all about the sport in question.


Road Safety Activity Badge  Road Safety

  • PART 6: Covers the same as the Cyclists badge, if the Cubs can draw a Road Safety poster and bring it in then this part of the badge and the Cyclist badge requirement can be passed.


Scientist Activity Badge  Scientist

  • PART A-6: Weather chart, keep a record of weather over a period, to complete this please download the weather chart complete it and return it to a leader.
    Download: Weather Record Sheet


Skater Activity Badge  Skater

  • ALL PARTS: This badge can be entirely completed outside of Cubs. If the Cub is able to provide any photos and bring in equipment and have a chat with one of the leaders then the badge can be passed.


Sports Enthusiast Activity Badge  Sports Enthusiast

  • ALL PARTS: This is more for a sport that the Cub follows but does not particularly participate in, a previous example of this was American Football.


Swimmer Staged Activity Badge  Swimming  (Staged Badge)

  • Click on the Badge logo to take you to the list of the requirements, it’s likely that Cubs should be able to complete Level one of Swimming. The best option with this would be to print of the list of requirements and get a swimming teacher to sign to say they have completed them.


Information Technology Staged Activity Badge  Information Technology (Staged Badge)

  • Click on the Badge logo to take you to the list of the requirements, we would anticipate Cubs to gain Level One of the IT Badge. They will need to bring in the picture and poster they have created and the other requirements would be passed by having a conversation with a leader.

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