Hello and welcome to Cubs at 1st Woodley, here is some information about the Cub Packs.

The Packs
There are 2 Cub packs at 1st Woodley both meet at the Scout Hut; Mondays (Panthers) which runs from 630pm to 8pm and Wednesdays (Jaguars) which runs from 645pm to 815pm.

We try and run a varied and interesting programme which is fun whilst at the same time covers the requirements for Cubs to get their badges for their uniform. If you have been a Beaver then our evenings will be different as we don’t make things every week. We will try and get outside as much as the weather allows us. Our major activity in the Cub Year is our Camp during the last bank holiday weekend in May, we do also try to hold a day trip around February/March time as well as a sleepover at the Scout Hut for older Beavers and younger Cubs.

When Cubs first start at the Pack the idea is to visit for a few weeks and get used to all the things we do. Whether you are completely new to the Pack or have been a Beaver then it usually takes a few weeks to get into the swing of things. Once the Cub has been visiting for a few weeks (there is no set time, just when everyone is happy) then we will arrange an investiture date. The Cub will need a Green Jumper from the local Scout shop. On their investiture evening the Cubs will make their promise and be given their necker, woggle and their badges. Parents are invited to come along and take photos.

If you would like to contact 1st Woodley Cubs for any reason please do so by e-mailing
[email protected]

How to get involved

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