Previous Cub Camps

Cub Camp at 1st Woodley has been an annual event now for more years than anyone can actually remember, below is look back at the sites and themes of previous camps, at least one Leaders from 1st Woodley Cubs has attended the Camps listed below.


2013 – Broadstone Warren – Super Heroes

2012 – Butchers Coppice – Olympics.

2011 – Bentley Copse – Medieval Themed Camp.
Sixes were named after famous knights, and the Cubs all made Shields and swords out of enormous amounts of cardboard and gaffer tape.

2010 – Tolmers Scout Campsite – Christmas Theme.
Roast turkey for lunch on the Sunday, what more could you want at Cub Camp!

2009 – Broadstone Warren – International Theme.
Our first fully indoor camp in many years, sixes were named after countries, our camp Chef provided a lovely international themed food tasting evening as part of the weekend activities.

2008 – Chalfont Heights – Harry Potter Theme.
Sixes sorted into the Hogwarts houses including a proper sorting hat ceremony and “house points” being assigned throughout the weekend.

2007 – Phasels Wood – Centenary Camp.
A celebration of 100 years of Scouting, sadly one of the wettest camps ever attended and the only one where we had to abandon the camp because of the weather before we had finished.

2006 – Phasels Wood – Cowboys and Indians theme.
Another wet and muddy camp at Phasels, where instead of a Camp fire on the Saturday night the Cubs got to watch the original Charlie and the Chocolate factory film.

2005 – Gilwell Park – Space theme.
All the sixes were named after the planets in the Solar system, a year remembered for a very cold swim in the outdoor pool.

2004 – Bently Copse – Olympic Theme.
Some excellent wide games in the woods around the site and a chance for the Cubs to all achieve their Athelete badge.

2003 –  Chalfont Heights – International Theme.
A sad year for 1st Woodley Cubs as two long serving leaders Rama and Baloo retired from their Cub leader duties, we still had a great time though!

2002 – Bushy Wood – Battle of Hastings Theme.
Two leaders were flown especially from Sweden for this one, and the first one that our current Akela was in charge of organising.

2001 – Youlbury Scout Campsite – Robin Hood Theme.

2000 – Cranbury Scout Campsite

1999 – Butchers Coppice –
Our first visit to the site returned to in 2012, and a chance to visit Brownsea Island the birthplace of Scouting.

1998 – Broadstone Warren.

1997 – Frylands Wood.

1996 – Braid Wood.

1995 – Broadstone Warren.

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