Old Programmes


Dec Mon 10th – BOTH PACKS – Christmas Party
Dec w/c 03rd – Christmas Makes

Nov w/c 26th – International Badge
Nov w/c 19th – Climbing
Nov w/c 12th – Cooking
Nov w/c 05th – Police Visit

Oct w/c 29th – Disability Awareness
Oct w/c 22nd – HALF TERM – no meeting
Oct w/c 15th – Pet Carer Badge
Oct w/c 08th – First Aid
Oct 3rd Weds – BOTH PACKS – Paddicks Patch

Sept w/c 24th – Cooking Methods
Sept w/c 17th- Pioneering Badge
Sept w/c 10th – Personal Challenges


July w/c 23rd – Kayaking
July w/c 16th – Imaginary Craft
July w/c 09th – Paddicks Patch – Shelters

June w/c 25th – Talk about flights
June w/c 18th – Parts of Aeroplanes
June w/c 11th – Paper Aeroplanes
June w/c 04th – Team work tasks

May w/c 21st – Camp – Hats
May w/c 14th – Park
May w/c 07th – Paddicks Patch

Apr w/c 30th – Camp – Wands
Apr w/c 23rd – Camp – Marauders Maps
Apr w/c 16th – Camp – Place Mats


Mar w/c 26th – Easter Make
w/c 19th – Nerf Games
Mar w/c 12th – Disability Awareness
Mar w/c 05th – Visitor to the Scout Hut

Feb w/c 26th – Climbing
Feb w/c 19th – [email protected]
Feb w/c 12th – Half Term: No Meeting
Feb w/c 05th – You Shape

Jan w/c 29th – Challenge Evening
w/c 22nd – Food Evening
Jan w/c 15th – Countryside Dangers
Jan w/c 08th – Games


Dec w/c 1tth – Both Pack – Monday 11th – Xmas Party
Dec w/c 4th – Xmas Craft

Nov w/c 27th – Science Experiments (part 2)
Nov w/c 20th – Pets @ Home – Details TBC
Nov w/c 13th – Food!
Nov w/c 6th – Rememberance activity

Oct w/c 30th – Hobbies & Collectors
Oct w/c 23rd – Half Term – No Meeting
Oct w/c 16th – Climbing – details TBC
Oct w/c 9th – Science experiments
Oct w/c 2nd – Both Packs Wednesday 4th – Paddicks Patch

Sept w/c 25th – Communicators Badge
Sept w/c 18th – Problem Solving
Sept w/c 11th – Games


July w/c 17th – Adventurous activity – Details TBC
July w/c 10th – Hathi’s Evening
July w/c 3rd – Pets @ Home – Details TBC

June w/c 26th – Both Packs Wednesday 28th – Woodford Park
June 23rd to 25th – Cub Camp
June w/c 19th – Finish all camp crafts
June w/c 12th – Camp crafts
June w/c 5th – Camp crafts

May w/c 29th – Half Term – No Meeting
May w/c 22nd – Camp crafts
May w/c 15th – Communicators Badge
w/c 8th – Pioneering Project
May w/c 1st – Both Packs Wednesday 3rd – Paddicks Patch

Apr w/c 24th – Global Awareness Activity (Mon 24th – 745pm Camp Presentation)
Apr w/c 17th – Weds 19th – Jaguars meeting – (Camp presentation 8pm)


Mar w/c 27th – Paddicks Patch – joint meeting on either Wednesday or Monday.
w/c 20th – Mothers Day Surprises
Mar w/c 13th – Visit to place of Religious worship
Mar 11th, Saturday – Cub Sleepover (only for eligible Cubs)
Mar w/c 06th – International Trading

Feb w/c 27th – Pioneering
Feb w/c 20th – Climbing – Details TBC
Feb w/c 13th – Half Term: No Meeting
Feb w/c 06th – Food!

Jan w/c 30th – Murder Mystery Evening
w/c 23rd – Chinese New Year
Jan w/c 16th – Egg Drop Challenge
Jan w/c 09th – Healthy Living


Dec w/c 12th – BOTH PACKS – Weds 14th – Xmas Party
Dec w/c 05th – Xmas Makes

Nov w/c 28th – DIY Badge
Nov w/c 21st – DIY Badge
Nov w/c 14th – Mon: Brickies Club / Wed: DIY
Nov w/c 07th – Mon: DIY  / Weds: Brickies Club

Oct w/c 31st – Spooky Evening
Oct w/c 24th – Half Term: No Meetings
Oct w/c 17th – International Trading Game
Oct w/c 10th – Pioneering Badge
Oct w/c 03rd – Pioneering Badge / CubJam Slideshow

Sept w/c 26th – Our World Challenge Award
Sept w/c 19th – Our Skills Challenge Award
Sept w/c 12th – Artist Badge

July w/c 18th – Water Games
July w/c 11th – Adventurous Activity – TBC
Sunday 10th – District Fun Day – Details sent please return form and money ASAP
July w/c 04th – DIY Badge
Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd July – Family Camp (Details to follow shortly)

June w/c 27th – DIY Badge
June w/c 20th – Science Badge
June w/c 13th – Digital Maker badge
June w/c 06th – Both Packs – Weds 8th – Venue TBC

May w/c 30th – Cubs at CubJam – no meeting
May w/c 23rd – Finish all makes
w/c 16th – Wild West makes
w/c 09th – Wild West makes
w/c 02nd – Both Packs – Weds 4th – Venue TBC

Apr w/c 25th – Flags & Saints
w/c 18th – Wild West Place Mats
w/c 11th – Our World Challenge Badge

Mar w/c 28th & Apr w/c 4th – Easter Break No Meetings
w/c 21st – Easter Themed Evening
Mar w/c 14th – Patron Saints
Mar w/c 07th – DIY Badge

Feb w/c 29th –  DIY Badge
w/c 22nd – Scientist Badge
Feb Sat 20th – Hut Sleepover (details to follow)
Feb w/c 15th – Half Term: No Meeting
Feb w/c 08th –  Pancakes
Feb w/c 01st – You Shape Badge

Jan w/c 25th – Scientist Badge
Jan w/c 18th – Disability Awareness Badge
Jan w/c 11th – Disability Awareness Badge


Dec w/c 14th – Xmas Party
w/c 07th – Xmas Make

Nov w/c 30th – Hathi’s Mystery Evening
w/c 23rd – Cooking
w/c 16th – Farm to Fork @ Tesco
w/c 09th – IT Badge Evening
w/c 02nd – Hobbies & Collectors Badge

Oct w/c 26th – No Meeting – Half Term
w/c 19th – Finger Spellathon
w/c 12th – Finger Spellathon Prep
w/c 05th – Joint Meeting Weds – Paddicks Patch – Campfire Sing Song

Sept w/c 28th – Design your own Cub Badge
Sept w/c 21st –  Team Work Challenges
Sept w/c 14th – Bridge Building
Sept w/c 07th – Cubs “Getting to Know You” bingo

July w/c 20th – Paddicks Patch
July w/c 13th – Games Evening
July w/c 06th – Map Reading pt2 (Dinton Pastures)

June w/c 29th – Map Reading pt1
June w/c 22nd – Air Activities Badge (week 2)
June w/c 15th – Rounders over the park
June w/c 08th – Air Activities Badge (week 1)
June w/c 01st – Membership Badge Beetle Drive

May w/c 25th – No Meeting – Camp recovery!
May Fri 22nd
to Mon 25th – Cub Camp @ Lees Wood
w/c 18thMedieval craft
w/c 11thFinishing Swords & Shields
w/c 04thJoint Meeting Weds – Camp Swords & shields

Apr w/c 27th – Camp Swords & shields
w/c 20th – Medieval Place Mats (& Camp Presentations)

Mar w/c 30th – Easter Make
Mar Sat 28th – Longleat Trip
w/c 23rd – Place of Worship Visit
Mar w/c 16th – Climbing
Mar w/c 09th – Emergency Aid pt.2
Mar w/c 02nd – Mothers Day Make pt.2

Feb w/c 23rd – Founders Day / Pioneering
Feb Sat 21st – Golden Hinde Trip
Feb w/c 16th – Half Term: No Meeting
Feb w/c 09th –  Chinese New Year
Feb w/c 02nd – Mothers Day Make

Jan w/c 26th – Emergency Aid
Jan w/c 19th – Burns Night
Jan w/c 12th – Fire Safety / Good Turn Hands


Dec w/c 17th – WEDNESDAY – Both Pack – Christmas Party (note: change to original date)
Dec w/c 08th – Christmas Creative Evening
Dec w/c 01st – Mon: Disability Awareness/ Wed: Firestation Trip @ Whitley Wood Fire Station

Nov w/c 24th – Climbing – TBC
Nov w/c 17th – Mon: Firestation Trip @ Whitley Wood Fire Station / Wed: Disability Awareness
Saturday 15th Nov – Scout Hut Sleepover – details to follow – attendance criteria to be confirmed
Nov w/c 10th – Cooking
Nov w/c 03rd – Disability Awareness

Oct w/c 27th – HALF TERM – No Meetings
Oct w/c 20th – Murder Mystery Evening
Oct w/c 13th – Safety Evening
Oct w/c 06th – Pioneering Badge

Sept w/c 29th – Cyclist Badge
w/c 22nd – Pioneering Badge
w/c 15th – Cyclists Badge  (Cubs to bring their bikes)
w/c 08th – Random Badge completion Evening

July w/c 21st – BOTH PACKS on Monday – Picnic @ Dinton Pastures
July w/c 14th – Water Activities – Venue TBC
July w/c 07th – Athletes Badge @ Woodford Park

June w/c 30thBackwoods Cooking @ Paddicks Patch
June w/c23rdSafety Night
June w/c 16thGlobal Challenge Badge 
June w/c 09th – Games Evening
June w/c 02nd – Fitness Challenge Badge 

May w/c 26th – No Meetings – (Recovering from Camp!)
May Fri 23rd to Mon 26th Cub Camp
May w/c 19th – Spy Codes
May w/c 12th – Spy Camp Bow Ties
May w/c 05th – BOTH PACKS on Wednesday 7th @ The Scout Hut

Apr w/c 28thSpy Camp Place Mats
 w/c 21st  – BOTH PACKS on Wednesday 23rd – Flags & Saints
Apr w/c 14th  – Easter Break – No Meeting
Apr w/c 07th – Easter Break – No Meeting

Mar w/c 31st – BOTH PACKS on Wednesday 2nd April @ Paddicks Patch
Sun 30th – Cub Day Trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyards
w/c 24th – Cooking
Mar w/c 17th – Charity Evening
Mar w/c 10th – Shooting
Mar w/c 03rd – Communicators Badge

Feb w/c 24th – Communicators Badge
Feb w/c 17th – Half Term: No Meeting
Feb w/c 10th – Road Safety
Feb w/c 03rd – Global Challenge

Jan w/c 27th – Chef Badge
Jan w/c 20th – Road Safety
Jan w/c 13th – Cub Centenary Badge Design


Dec w/c 16th – BOTH PACKS on Wednesday 18th – Xmas Party!
Dec w/c 09th – Xmas Craft
Dec w/c 02nd – Young Leaders Mystery Evening

Nov w/c 25th – Chef Badge: Food/ Cookery evening
Nov w/c 18th – World Faiths: Other faiths
Nov w/c 11th – Creative/Artist: Make your own woggle
Nov w/c 04th – Creative Challenge: Egg Drops

Oct w/c 28th – BOTH PACKS on Wednesday 30th – Halloween games (Fancy dress)
Oct w/c 21st – Science Badge: LED Glowies
Oct w/c 14th – Science Badge: Experiments week 2
Oct 12th (Sat) – Overnighter at Scout Hut
Oct w/c 07th – Science Badge: Experiments week 1

Sep w/c 30th – Parental hike (e-mail with details to follow)
Sep w/c 23rd – BOTH PACKS on Monday 23rd @ The Lookout
Sep w/c 16th – Local Knowledge: Coats of Arms
Sep w/c 09th – Firelighting

July w/c 15th – Beach Party!
July w/c 08th – Cub & Parent evening
July w/c 01st – Evening organised by Young Leaders

June w/c 24th – Mini Hike @ Dinton Pastures
June w/c 17th – Map Readers Badge
June w/c 10th – Lookout in Bracknell – Bugs N Beasties Evening
June w/c 03rd – Mon: Akela’s Evening  Wed: Police Lady

May w/c 27th – No Meetings – (Recovering from Camp!)
May Fri 24th to Mon 27th Cub Camp @ Broadstone Warren Scout Campsite
May w/c 20th – Make Your Own Woggle
May w/c 13th – SuperHero Capes
May w/c 06th – BOTH PACKS on Wednesday 8th @ The Scout Hut

April w/c 29th – SuperHero Placemats
April w/c 22nd – SuperHero Masks
April w/c 15th –  Mon: Games / Wed: Communicators Badge

March w/c 25th – Easter Make
March w/c 18th – Community Challenge – Visitor
March w/c 11th – International Night
March Sun 10th – Cub Day Trip to Warwick Castle
March w/c 04th – Air Activities Badge (Mon) & Hobbies & Collectors Evening (Weds)

Feb w/c 25th – Creative Challenge – Problem Solving
Feb w/c 18th – Half Term: Both Packs Wednesday – Founders Evening
Feb w/c 11th – DIY Evening
Feb w/c 04th – First Aid badge (cont.)

Jan w/c 28th – First Aid badge
Jan w/c 21st – Burns Night Themed evening
Jan w/c 14th – Chef Badge (Mon) & Safety (Weds)
Jan w/c 07th – Games (Mon) & Chef Badge (Weds)


Dec w/c 10th – Buffet and Review of the year slideshow (Parents welcome!)
Dec w/c 03rd – Christmas Craft

Nov w/c 26th – Christmas Decorations for the Scout Hut
Nov w/c 19th – Hobbies & Collectors Evening
Nov w/c 12th – DIY Badge
Nov 9th Friday – 1st Woodley Scout Group Fireworks at Rivermead School
Nov w/c 05th – DIY Badge

Oct w/c 29th – BOTH PACKS: Weds 31st – Paddicks Patch (weather permitting)
Oct w/c 22nd – World Faith Badge – Visit to Catholic Church (Details to follow)
Oct w/c 15th – Murder Mystery Evening
Oct 13th Saturday – Sleepover at the Scout Hut
Oct w/c 08th – Hathi’s Evening
Oct w/c 01st – Cookery

Sept w/c 24th – Disability Awareness
Sept w/c 17th – Cycling Badge (Bikes only required for those who didn’t do that part of the badge last term)
Sept w/c 10th – Welcome to Cubs!

July w/c 16th – BOTH PACKS: Mon 16th –  Olympic Opening ceremony / BBQ
July w/c 09th – Olympic Countries
July w/c 02nd – Cycling Badge

June w/c 25th – Cycling Badge (bring Bicycles if weather is good)
June w/c 18th – MON: Paddicks Patch / WEDS: Scout Hut
June w/c 11th – Personal Safety Evening (Monday time will be 7pm to 830 this week)
June w/c 04th – BOTH PACKS: Weds 6th at Paddicks Patch 630pm to 8pm

May w/c 28th – Diamond Jubilee Pin & Bead Badges
May w/c 21st – Disability Awareness
May w/c 14th – Blindfold Portraits
May Sunday 13th – Woodley 10k Road Race
May w/c 07th – No Cub Meetings this week (Leaders recovering)
May Fri 04th to Mon 7th Cub Camp!

April w/c 30th – Camp related Activity
April w/c 23rd – Mon 23rd – Joint Meeting – Carnival programme delivery
April Sunday 22nd – St Georges Day Parade (2pm Woodford Park)
April w/c 16th – Camp related Activity
April w/c 09th –  No Cubs Meetings this week
April w/c 02nd – Mon 2nd – Joint Meeting – Easter Make (No Cubs Weds 4th)

March w/c 26th – Camp Place mats
March w/c 19th – Model Aeroplanes or World Faith Badge (visit)
March w/c 12th – World Faith Badge (visit) or Model Aeroplanes
March w/c 05th – DIY Badge

Feb w/c 27th – DIY Badge
Feb w/c 20th – Project Africa Badge
Feb w/c 13th – Weds 15th Joint Meeting – Rainsticks (No Cubs on Monday 13th)
Feb w/c 06th – World Faith Badge

Jan w/c 30th – Project Africa Badge
Jan w/c 23rd – Road Safety Badge
Jan w/c 16th – Road Safety Badge
Jan w/c 09th – Make: God Eyes

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