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Please find information here about our programme, the latest programme can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about the programme (or anything) then e-mail us at [email protected]

Please make sure you aware of our usual Do’s and Dont’s below…….

Do’s and Don’ts

* Do bring a named drink of water to Cubs each week.

* Do bring all your uniform with badges sewn on and everything with names in.

* Don’t arrive any more than 5 minutes before the evening start time.

* Don’t bring Personal items of value, such as games or trading cards

* Do make sure 2 leaders are present before leaving your Cub at the Scout Hut

* Do come into the Scout Hut at the end to collect your Cub (no Cub is allowed to leave on their own)

* Don’t park inside the fenced area, this is leaders only parking.

* Do leave your jumper at home when the weather is hot, Red 1st Woodley T-shirts, Camp t-shirts and the green official Cub polo shirts are acceptable alternatives.
(Don’t forget your necker and woggle though!)



Mar w/c 26th – Easter Make
w/c 19th – Nerf Games
Mar w/c 12th – Disability Awareness
Mar w/c 05th – Visitor to the Scout Hut

Feb w/c 26th – Climbing
Feb w/c 19th – [email protected]
Feb w/c 12th – Half Term: No Meeting
Feb w/c 05th – You Shape

Jan w/c 29th – Challenge Evening
w/c 22nd – Food Evening
Jan w/c 15th – Countryside Dangers
Jan w/c 08th – Games

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